Late Book-worm.

I discovered my passion for books in an early age. unfortunately no book stores were available in my town, and my parents were least concerned in buying stories for their little not-that-brilliant daughter. At three years old, I used to enjoy watching the road signs, stores names, commercials, and everything that contained letter. As I matured enough to make sense of the readings, I read everything. At school, my favorite thing was recitation and oral class activities. Still, I never had an opportunity to read real books. when asked about my hobbies I always included reading.
In my early adolescence I infatuated on the Harry Potter movies, but once I found that they're based on 7 novels I was frustrated. Again I couldn't find any book store around, and I had no friends to lead me.
Mid-way through adolescence I suffered from deep depression and multiple anxiety disorders. I lost interest in almost everything in life. At school they started giving us novels, but I never read them. I had no friends, and no academic success. Then I met this friend at 10th grade, I was 16 then. She lead me to a book store, and I bought my first Harry Potter book. I still have the bill in my portmanteau as a souvenir, as a good memory. Since then I spent all my allowance on HP series. I indulged this loneliness with books, and then I read another series, and finally got to the classics.
In those books I found my escape from the madness around me and the despair inside of me. Reading has been beneficial on the emotional and intellectual level. The way I deal with life has changed when I read about influential characters, like the Bennet sisters in Pride and Prejudice.
Now I'm studying Literature, and I just love it. Too bad my anxiety always distracts me from my goals in life. I want to read and never stop reading, but even reading becomes a struggle when I have a sudden anxiety attack. I wish everything would become easier.
This my story with books. It's only the beginning of my road. I wish to continue with it despite all obstacles. I always regret not reading at an early age and discovering different worlds made by wonderful writers.
ScarletGS ScarletGS
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012