Child Called It Series

Has any one read the child called it series? I am finishing the last book of it. The order if it is
A child called it
the lost boy
A man named Dave.

These are all true stories of Dave pelzers exprierence as a child of being abused by his alcoholic mother.
After you finish those his brother also wrote a story or to about his expreince of being abused after Dave left.
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I've only read the first book. I need to read the rest. I'm obsessed with psychology and I can only imagine how amazing it is to see how that childhood affected his life and how he conquered it.

It is really good. It explains a lot more in the 3rd book but all three you have to read. Its a really good series.

One of his brothers also wrote a book. I read them a long time ago, so I can't remember what it's called, or which brother it is. Basically after Dave was removed from the home the so called mother started to beat one of the othe boys.

I know it the last paragraph of my story I added that in.

Ok, I read your whole story, and that wasn't there when I read it. Glad you're aware :)

Yeah its there at the end I havent changed the story

Hmmm....Sorry I must have missed it then. I've been distracted lately with a heath scare, so my mind hasn't been right. If you liked this mans life story so well you might also like some of these...
Child C by Christopher Spry
The Step Child by Donna Ford
Mother From Hell by Kenneth Doyle
Broken by Shy Keenan
The Little Prisoner by Jane Elliott
Deliver Me From Evil by Alloma Gilbert
I could give you more titles to check out as well if you're interested. I read a lot of books from every genre. I try to read around 100 books a year. I'm only going to get 80 in this year though.

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