A Whole New World

I have never been content with the world that I live in. I was not always like this, though. As I child, I read because I would always want to get the most "AR" points to win cool prizes. Life did not get challenging for me until middle school year, when I became the target for many bullies at my school. I hated life, and I despised many people in it. I guess you could say that it was then when I reached out for outlets that were not in the world I was surrounded with. As cliche as this sounds, I enjoy reading because I am not on earth anymore. My thoughts are not surrounded with my sad stories, but instead the story that I am reading. I love that my thoughts are constantly playing out the scenes that are described in the book, creating a new surrounding that is unlike the one that I am forced to live in every day. I will not lie to you, my reading spurts vary, and I am not a die-hard reading fan considering I hardly have the time anymore. I suppose I just love the idea of dependency....whenever I want to escape the world I want to live in, I pick up a book and my mind drifts away. That is what I love about reading.
7blondemoments 7blondemoments
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012