Wide Ranging Tastes

I find that my tastes have broadened from when I was younger. Then I was just into mystery, SF & Fantasy. Now I think it would be more accurate to say I'm enjoying speculative fiction, TEOTWAWKI fiction, Buddhism, history, & financial stuff.

Right now I'm reading "Currency Wars", "What a Psychotherapist Should Know about Disability", "Footfall", & "The Island: An Anthology of the Buddha's Teachings on Nibbana". I just finished "End the Fed", "Guide to Investing in Gold & Silver" & "Holding Their Own".

I was surprised to find that Footfall is really more of a TEOTWAWKI except for the aliens. And I'm just loving The Island, I study it every morning & reflect my practice through the Buddha's teachings.

FriendJay FriendJay
51-55, F
Dec 6, 2012