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This is my first time posting a story on this site.Here goes.

My mom used to read to me when I was really little but after a while she got too busy and I started reading to myself. My mom and dad say I started reading when I was two years old which is kind of crazy. I haven't seen many two year olds that could read. Maybe I just remembered the words. I don't know.

Once I was in grade school I stopped reading unless it was required for school and even then I couldn't sit still long enough to get far.

In 5th or 6th grade I watched the first Harry Potter movie and liked it so much that I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. I had to read the books. As soon as I bought Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets I went home and started reading. I missed dinner and laid in bed reading all night. I pretended to be sick the next morning and stayed home from school and finished it at the dinner table that night. I couldn't put the book down. From that moment on I almost always had a book in my hand.

I didn't have many friends in middle school and wasn't really allowed to go outside so I spent my time reading.
My dad is the same way. He and I can go into a bookstore and stay there until the store closes. That was how my dad and I spent our free time together when he wasn't working.

Things changed in high school and I stopped reading to deal with "more important" things.

This year I changed that. I've realized that reading to me is just as important as everything else. I need the extra stimulation. I need to escape. I started with the Harry Potter series again so I could build up my endurance. I have adhd so reading when I'm not used to it is really difficult. I initially tried to start with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo but I couldn't read a paragraph without zoning out.

Now I'm back to reading at least an hour everyday. If definitely improves my life as long as I don't miss work or class or forget that I'm cooking. When I read I'll forget everything else exists so I usually have to set an alarm or something or I'll lose a whole day. I'm not kidding. Being lost in a book is way better then being lost in my thoughts which can be destructive and painful.I can't let my mind idle for too long and reading helps with that.
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Dec 7, 2012