A Good Book Or Author Is Life Changing

I watched the film " Interview with the vampire " which I thought was okay. Then I heard it was from a book......so I picked up the Anne Rice book second hand....had done little reading before that (apart from school/college).....it did take a bit of getting into....the concentration for a start..& looking up words in the dictionary!....but after that I was hooked.....I rushed out & bought the rest of the series......I'd be up all night reading them on occasion, and would get totally lost in the world this amazing authoress had created. It wasn't just bcuz it was sensual vampires & a thrilling story genre it was everything......as she said once herself it's not vampires it's about the human condition.....her style of writing is excellent...with images coming to mind totally unbidden & in complete realism.....I've since found with less talented authors that not all sadly are like this & the reader has to work at keeping what they imagined in their minds eye. From her books I went onto read her other books & each one opened up something new....I found so many new interests in the real world.....art, literature, music, philosophy/spirituality....and each of those led to another book on the subject or something similar and so on like dominoes. I've read some rubbish too mind, in my pursuit of the pinnacle of fiction which to me is the series.....thankfully I found a few great authors amoungst it
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I agree, Anne Rice's vampires were an amazing achievement. By far the best vampire books in my eyes.