I picked the book up a few months ago and i still havent been able to complete it... i love the way the author describes the animals and his everyday life... it makes everything so magical and fantastical... but my problem is that i cant relate to it... it feels like a good read but i cant go through more than a few pages at a time... thinking of just going for the movie...
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Ohmygoodness finish it if you can! The Life of Pi is my favorite book in the whole wide world. And I mean ever.

Yeah really? Lol... ok... ill give it another shot... u planning to go for the movie?

I already did. It exceeded my expectations! Beautifully made. I was wondering how they trained the tiger for Richard Parker until I learned that he was CGI. O.o

Lol great... its uncommon for someone to love a book and the movie as well... should i finish the book first or after im done with the movie?

I recommend finishing the book first- it gives you a much deeper experience watching the movie!

Ok... will do that then... thx for your input :-)

Of course! Happy to help.

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