Books Are My Safe Haven.

I've always loved reading, ever since I was in elementary the library has always been a safe haven for me. It was the one place I know that the world is at pause and the windows through it are just piled in the shelves and on the counter table sometimes.
The first book I've ever finished was Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and ever since that I learned to appreciate Stoker, Hawthorne, Twain, and other authors that have shared their very thought, perspective, principles, and ideals on the book that they have created. And to me those ideals they have placed on their books have had good effects on me one way or another.
To read sometimes is to escape the harsh world were living in sometimes, other times reading is just for self gain, but to me; reading is more of an art where you put your whole mind to every syllable, every word, every comma's, every sentences. Just like painting and dancing or singing.
Books have somewhat taught me new things that my parents, my teachers, my peers, and society haven't taught me. It enabled me see through a whole wider view of the world, a better understanding on people and situations.
Though technology and media are clearly dominating my generation right now, I know I am not alone in my little hobby, Reading will always be part of human culture and will flourish through out the millennia to come.
Ganymede20 Ganymede20
18-21, M
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i hear that :)