God Is Keeping Me

I was tested positive in 2005, when I was pregnant with my daughter.
Thank God she is negative, there are days when I feel depressed. I
thought my life was over. I find strength from the Lord.
I just want to meet friends who are in the same situation as I am.
fath226 fath226
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Hey there I'm positive too it makes the whole world different it seems what really sucks is you can no longer sleep with who u want and are forced to put up with bullshit from one person who does love you through this socially stigmatized disease and don't ever break the law there is somthing called HIV criminalization which is very real maybe you've faced none of this and my own self experience is coming thru I would say you don't have to carry any torches for HIV there are people who do and I think god for them and I am a mighty strong person but I was blessed to be a beautiful white woman and it hasn't made my life any easier people always want to punish me for that alone if they new I was pos too I don't tell anyone but my lover because whoever you tell always tells someone and then they tell someone and people who know and love u treat u different at first but if they see you are here to stay and not going anywhere are going to be weak they treat you same as before are however you let them I tell u girl I been poz since 2000 the new ****** millinium any way girl I don't know it all or the happiest or worst side of it all I know is dont hold in emotions and constantly release stresses thru positive books CDs yoga massage take as good care of yourself as doctor oz get plenty if sleep and don't let the world stop u from doing so