I Read 500+ Pages A Night

Yep I'm 14 and I read that much. I sit in a chair all day and read. Done.
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How do you get any exercise ?

I walk to school and back every day plus I'm a dancer... (Tap)

scared of u

Why are you scared?!?! :p

When I was your age I thought I read a lot, but not that much! Enjoy your productivity. I am happy for you and jealous at the same time!

I will read absolutely anything. My two favourites that I re-read sometimes are of mice and men and to kill a mockingbird !!!

The "Mockingbird' is one of the best novels I've read. Doestovesky's works are next.

When I was your age I read that much...read everything I could get my hands on! You go girl!

That's an awful lot of reading! Sounds like you devour books!

So.....any particular genre? Any fav authors?

I myself adore Roald Dahl, Suzanne Collins, H.G Wells, C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien amongst others....love science fiction, nature books, religion, travel books and health and well being....

Basically, I'll try anything....


Amber xx

This will probably devlopr your subconsious enugh wjere you can bcome a writer.

I do write on a site called bookrix take a look! If your not already on!

What book

If you get an account on bookrix I'm:


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Im the same way :)