Me And My Wolf Inside Me

I am a normal human just like everyone but something inside doesnt feel like im human and that is because i have a wolf trapped in me. i growl when trying to scare someone or defending myself. i whimper when hurt or upset and i howl when in the woods crying for help or howling for pleasure. i cant help who i am so be true to who u are and dont let no body get u down. xxxxx
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Your words speak true, my brother. *Howls*

Thank u and im a girl lol xx

Didn't know you were a girl. 😅 Sry bout that.

Its ok

I like your story*howls*

Thank u *joins howl*

Welcome*was tail*

Hehe *wags tail and whines with happyness. and howls with pleasure*

*Watches with amusement. Joins in*

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it's a anime who is looked like that but just a little it's wolf's rain <3

I think ''people'' like us are wolves who tried to protect themselfs of the humans(growl)and learn to transform to humans and some of us can't go back to the normal form so we say it's a wolf ''spirit''!

If yu have a wolf spirit then no your nit human your a therian which Is a animal spirit in a human body. S you don't HAVE an animal you ARE the animal. The best way to explain it is if you play soccer you don't HAVE a soccer player you ARE a soccer player. Pm me if you want more info

Thank u i have now learned i am a wolf therian xx

Pm me and I can hel you find out for sure, meditate to talk to your wolf, that sort of thing

Ok il pm u and we will talk


Oh ok

And sheangel and who knows how many other wolves. Its a common teaching tool lol

Why do u call him scamp?

*growls viscously p-shifts and tackles you* don't you dare ever call me that again!!!!!!!, you'll regret it!!!!!

Ooooooooh boy u better watch out!!

Hahahahaha lol

I'd say that when you being hung from a tree by you eye with your larks and legs chewed off. (I ain't imma do nothing)

Lol ok

What do you mean by that

*puts rpg to your head*

What makes you think I wouldn't in real life? Well ik a bit smarter that that in real life, smart enough to know that if I fired it would kill me too

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