Why We Have Beautiful Faces

Why do we say someone is beautiful or handsome? It depends on many things the person will do. Fashion and cosmetics count but just about 30% out of 99%. I use 99% to explain what i have because there is a saying that "there is nothing perfect" and at least will include one small mistake. So today as I write, i am explaining why we all have beautiful faces. Who would want to have a friend who always frown the face?? I guess nobody would admit that not even your family member nor your friends would do. I once had a bad face lol i mean i used to frown but not now because when i frown, i drive my friends and loved ones away. Lots of people hated to see me around them because they were thinking i don't like being around them nor them being around me. When doing that i felt nothing wrong and i was cool by myself but i thought of it wisely how my friends or loved ones may feel when i just ignore them by frowning my face to drive them away. So i finally realized i had to change my life style and my attitudes to keep friends and loved ones closer. At least laughing and sharing thoughts with friends can make one become beautiful. What way is that gonna be? We have to accept jokes, consider insults sometimes as jokes or something else but not taking it personal, making a good friendship and smiling together with friends, and others that promote good friendship will lead you to a beautiful face. Making a good friendship means we have to love, care, respect, give and protect in other to gain trust and to be trusted. If we take things personal, it will provoke us and will lead us to frowning the face and by so doing what will happen? I guess you have already answered that we are gonna start losing our beauty or handsomeness. Making a good friendship will make us leave things that will tear our friendship apart and continue with our natural beauty. Laughing and smiling are natural and they are not price tagged. We ain't got to pay no tax before or after we can use them so why would you just still frown. Its natural and free so enjoy your beauty side of life by giving a nice smile on your face and laugh to friends as well. I am glad to write something out this time. If you enjoyed my experience after reading it, please like it.
derrickappiah derrickappiah
18-21, M
Jan 6, 2013