Is It ?

Love isn't about the clothes we wear, or ribbons on our hair..
It isn't about the words we only say.. It's about what we do everyday..
Love isn't about looking once and hating for months..
Love is about being together..
Understanding, Fighting and Standing by each other..
It's not about how I look like..
It's not about "do I fit your style?"
It's about finding our soul in someone
It's about being beautiful from the inside!
Love is about the honesty, faith and honor..

and if you're still alone.. Don't worry.. someday, somebody will have a big crush on you.. for who your personality is.. not only you style!
just keep up the good morals in you!

It will happen someday!
Dovato1 Dovato1
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

sadly love nowdays (if we can call it love) is all about being fake and have the look that's why i've shut down that door , but it's cool to see that tere are people who still consider love in a diffrent way