I like to read the ingredients on that back of food along with the nutrition labels. I also find myself reading things like return policies at clothing stores. I find clothing stores so boring since I do not like shopping so boring. I love grocery shopping because I like looking at all the different foods, and reading the labels on them. I have some food item ingredients memorized.
I'm a bit obsessive at times. Part of the high functioning autistic charm I guess.
I like nonfiction better than fiction. I have a hard time getting into fiction. I often think of it as a waste of time. Meh it's not real. It's more exciting to me to make stuff up. I have an active imagination. I'm a random idea generator.
I know writers usually read. I don't usually. I write a lot instead.
I waste so much time on this thing sometimes. Must sleep
fudge packets
I wonder if those exists
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Jan 9, 2013