Lately I Mostly Read Graphic Novels

 Actually, the first book I was really passionate about was a graphic novel of sorts (I was 5 and it was a children's book about dinosaurs).

I was always interested in those frames and drawings most people call comics, but I never really got to explore it fully. Just over a year ago I stumbled upon this wonderful person which happens to still be my friend. She is also a big comic buff with a library full of graphic novels of every genre and kind. As it is for now I asked her to fill the gap in my comic education and she feeds my soul with a lot of books I regret I didn't know about earlier.
Arachno Arachno
18-21, M
3 Responses Dec 27, 2006

Your lucky you have her now!

Go with your heart, there is a season for everything in our lives and when we follow our heart and do what feels right for us. It is during that time we learn important lessons. Enjoy!

Important lessons, good and bad. But always important and necessary.


Hectic :)