Just Love It!

I love the smell of books--may it be new or old. I love the sound of the page when it is flipped. Reading's been a part of my being. I read whenever and wherever I choose to. Even during an interval of time, like waiting someone at the park or at vacant time in school. In fact, I even read while in the toilet. It might sound strange, but I can enjoy reading no matter when or where.

In addition, reading also enriches my life. Through reading, I was able to know the cultures and traditions of other countries. When I read, I can feel the same emotions the characters had in a book. I went to Vatican with Robert Langdon and decoded secret ancient codes, I fell in love with Edward and Bella, and had said magic words with Harry Potter; all of these brought me a different kind of happiness that can be found only when I read.

Reading alone does not make me anti-social. Instead, it gives me a lot of fun and releases me from the pressures of modern living. Reading relieves me from the burdens of life and serves as an outlet for my frustrations. I love reading. I just LOVE it!
CurlyCurlyKerlash CurlyCurlyKerlash
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Yes its good to feel that way its cheapest to travel the WORLD this days by your passion of reading books you will learn alot and i myself even at this maturity i still enjoy reading books of every books that gets my attention and make me feel so happy ....thats why i know how you feel.

Happiness :)

I do love reading too. Reading is sort of escaping when the world around you gets too difficult.