I Read My Kids Books.

When my oldest was in elementary, he struggled with reading comprehension. Since then I started reading the books they were assigned to read. I could then talk to them, read over their essays and help them to better understand the question. Plus we had something in common to talk about.

I have 2 in High School and one in middle school and I still read thier books. They all love to read now too.
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

My step mother loved to read and so from the time my memory begins I remember her reading to us wonderful stories by Edgar Allen Poe and stories from Greek mythology. <br />
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My brothers favorite was "The Pit and the Pendulum" and mine was "The Telltale Heart". We both loved to hear how Perseus slew the Medusa. <br />
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When we got old enough to start learning to read on our own we started with Dr Seuss.<br />
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Thanks Mom, it was and still is great.

I loved those stories too. Dr. Suess was big in our house, so was Eric Carle when they were little.