Reading Takes Me Away

I have a real hard time tlaking to people.I always think they are judging me and makes me anxious and depressed.A book you could hold in your hands and it talks to you in your mind you follow it,you laugh with it,you cry,you feel.Its safe and always a wonder.I used to skip schoool to hide out in the library.The smell,the silence,the choice.It was always about the passion of the choice.I love the written word.I fought against not getting a kindle for years.It seemed cold.I have it as something simple and light I can carry with but i"ll never give turning that paper page.
silentcity silentcity
36-40, F
1 Response Jan 12, 2013

I think,we should't think people lady, I am 20 years old..And New generations are stupid than older generations,and they do gossip everytime.. But the important thing that,everpeople must ask themselves,' Who am I?' When you describe yourself.. you don't feel anxious,or depressed..even people talk behind you.. Sometimes, I feel really bad.. cause of people just consume something,they don't think anything..and those people are judge you.. I think that situation doesn't matter anything..