rentman makes my widow mom pregnant

Hi this is prasu from pune. i m now of widowed mom is 43 now having very huge breasts &***. she is a sexy lady,so most of the time me & my mom only in home. my mom talks with the others very casually. every one likes to talk with my mom.vegetable seller,gardner,black,neighbour uncle,etc. i didnt mind any.. while talking with my mom every one enjoying her shapes.. i dont knw wheather my mom know that or not.. few months before one couple came to my home for rent,they live in the small room behind my house.. they are poor. so they stayed there for 1500 rupee rent/month. There is no bathroom for them.. they have to use the one which is in open place for bath &they have to use water from the well for bathing &washing their clothes.
My room &our bathroom is at the back side of my house,Such that their bathing place &'well' can easily seen from bathroom window& from My rooms back window.
during the summer vaccation rentman's wife used to take bath at 3o'clock in i used to see her while taking bath,from back window of my room. she wears only petticoat while bathing. but she holds it with one hand &use another hand for putting soap. i saw all her private parts. she looks great.her breasts are awesome. daily i ********** by seeing her.
one day in morning at 8 o'clock i wake up& want to go to that time my mom is ready to go to bathroom for taking bath. as our toilet &bathroom is attached, i said to mom 'just wait, i want to go to toilet'. but she refused& she said wait for10minuts as she wants to take bath.i requested her its very urgent i have to she shouted at me&she wents in bathroom i went back to my room.after some time as water noise is came from well,so i eagerly saw towards well from my rooms back window,for my surprise rentman is taking bath with just a underwear.
now only i realised why my mom shouting like hell. i understood everything.
I came out from my room quickly & went to terrace, from terrace i am able to see both rentman & my mom in the bathroom clearly.
First i saw my mom was signaling from bathroom window to rentman. after that rentman removed his underwear & started to take bath. his **** was very big & get seeing that **** My mom starts laughing.
after taking bath he went to his room.
After that days,in next morning, i said to mom that,'i am going to college & will come in evening.'&
went from home.
But i returned home in the afternoon itself. Without knocking the main door,i just came near to the moms room window.
as i expected that uncle is ******* my mom hardly..he puts both her legs in arms &started stroking her ***** with his big ****. i saw things from the that window. my mom making much noise at that time.. he cummed in my moms navel. after that both of them laying in bed &started kissing each other.after that i went from that place & come home in evening.. moms look like very casual.. i went to bathroom directly at that time that aunt taking bath. i use the bucket for the height to see through the window. but at that time the bucket broken and makes much noise. my mom rushed to bathroom & asked me what happen. at that time i am only in underwear. a huge bulge was clearly visible through the underwear.i dont know what to say she come out & she saw that aunty was taking bath. my mom asked me 'are u watchin that aunty takin bath.' i said 'no'. but she didnt agree. she started shouting that this is bad etc etc. i cant control my self and i asked her 'what u will do in the morning daily???' she doesnt know what to say. she is blabbaling at that time. after that i asked 'what happen in the afternoon while uncle ***** u?'. she is shocked & she went out of that place. after that she went to her room didnt come out for a long time. after that she came out for serving me dinner. during dinner she said dont tell this to any one i dont do that again plz forgive me,she said.i said,'ok no problem,u are alone for several years. i know u r horny too.dont worry' she replied thanks.
after that she advised me dont see the aunty.dont have sex with them which is not safe& also not good for ur future etc etc she said.. i said i cant control my self.. she said nothing like that & all u will control it easily she said..after some time she asked me wheather u like to hav sex with me she asked. i was shocked but i liked her proposal.. i said ok. after completin dinner we both went to bedroom. she started removing my dress & started sucking my ****.i cant control it my ***** came out i splashed in her face. after that i started sucking her breast &licking her ***** for some time.she said enough start to **** me.i insert my **** in to her ***** and started stroking her..this is my first experience. my mom says u r slow. now she came up & myself lying down & she strated to **** me fastly..she is very fast.. i cant control myself by her fast movement & in just 10 min i starts cuming in her whomb.this make her pregnant.
now i hav my bro *** son from her.
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great experience for you both, I am sure, would loved to see you licking Her *****

Very good learning process.

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hey he is just day dreamer , u won't get to join them .

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