I Just Love It!

My mother and I are huge readers, she has an e-reader but I just prefer the feeling of an actual book. Call me a relic but I do. I love classic novels and plays. However, I have more autobiographical novels and history books than anything. Some of my books are just random like my Law and Psychological Practice book. I don't really need it, however it was highly informative. I do have an affinity for crime novels, even true crime no matter how creepy they get. I love ones with lawyers or by former lawyers like John Grisham I like current affairs books as well.

I recently bought the first chapter book I ever read, The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan. I was four when I read that book, I secretly bought it and hid it from my mom. She found it scolded me and threw it away. I remember telling my mom, "It speaks volumes to me!" When I came home with it again my mom just rolled her eyes. I was dead set on finding the original, but after years of searching I just gave up and bought the tenth anniversary edition with a new introduction by Anna Quindlen.

I'm not much of a writer but I am impressed by a lot of authors. I do write occasionally-well, I am a freelance blogger. I do write poems, short stories, I once wrote a whole novel. Most of my ideas come from books I have read. After reading Predator by Patricia Cornwell I wrote a dissertation on the psychosis of killers.

I prefer reading alone in the house, or at a restaurant. Sometimes I read aloud to my dog, but after about an hour she wants me to shut up so she can sleep. I just love books, and to read.
3venus 3venus
18-21, F
Jan 14, 2013