Vampire Books

Twilight.... urgh! I cant stand it! I read it before i saw the movie and still, i hated it!. Im sick of seeing these sexy vampires! What happened to blood curdling dracula and carmilla?!. I think ill stick to the good oldies. :)
marishkashadow marishkashadow
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Oh most definatly! I love the host! :D and the underworld series is awesome, true blood is great but im not a huge fan of the vampire diaries... it bores me a bit.

I love L.J. Smith. The night world series is one of my favorites!
Stephanie Meyer is also a good author but the twilight series isn't very good :/ The host is her best book. I'm glad that they made it into a movie. It's coming out on March 29th :)

I liked it, but it is sparkly sap with no sex and almost no death. Supposedly to appeal to romantic teen girls, but so is Lisa Smith....her books are a little child reading (but still good) but the (tv) series that came out of them 'vampire diaries' is def more gritty

I like twilight but its not the best of the genre for sure. I REALLY like vampire diaries, I like True blood and I love bbc american's being human. and don't you DARE forget the underworld series of movies.

Well... everyone likes differant things and i respect that :)

love to read vampire stories.but not the wildest