Um Hi everyone,
This is a story, a confession and definitely an experience (the names used are not real).
Here goes:
When I was little, my parents gave me little or no attention, I lacked it and I needed it to feel loved. As I grew up, I discovered guys gave me a lot of attention.
I'm really pretty, average boobs and a nice curvy ***. I'm also pretty smart in school, so its no wonder.
I loved that I had attention, so unknowingly, I began to misuse it.
I had my first boyfriend in grade 6, we dated for a year before he was snatched by my "supposed friend" Moving on, I was totally heart broken and I didn't date anyone till high school. Unfortunately, my ex and I went to the same high school. Surprisingly I still had feelings for him, oh well, it didnt work out. At that time, I was in the 9th grade. The coolest guy then, Ian asked me out but I wasn't interested. I was later pushed to accept by my friends. He was nice but my heart was somewhere else. My ex transferred that year, so I gave up on it. Ian later graduated I was in my 11th grade then. I fell in love with this guy Izzy, He wasn't rich or cute but I loved him anyway. and he loved me too. Thats it, I was double dating.And when they found out, none of them wanted out so we just continued. Surprising huh?
We graduated and went to the university. I met this guy Brad and I was totally crushing on him, he was just so hot but we lost contact. So I forgot about him.
Then I got involved with this guy Jaden. Jaden is such a cutie and very swift with words. It didnt take time before I fell for him. He dumped his girlfriend for me and thats how we dated till he transferred to Canada . When he was transferred, I met Brad again and he asked me out, I said yes but I realised I didnt like him enough to date him and he is just to touchy, and im not really into that.
P.S : I believe in sex after marriage
So my feelings for him disappeared. One lucky day, I met yet another hot guy Tom, I so have feelings for him too.
Izzy broke up with me cause of some family problems but he said he still loves me and wants us to be together when everything is over. As for Brad, he's a nice guy but i dont feel anything for him. my problem is that, he just got out of a bad relationship, I dont want to breakup with him and have him running away from girls. Jaden is a total flirt and he does it on Facebook, I really get jealous when he does that but anytime I confront him, he'll beg and say he's still in love with me and its just normal guys stuff. I do have feelings for him. Ian has introduced me to his parents and mine knows him, besides i have feelings for him. Honestly out of all, he wouldn't take a breakup well. Tom, hes such a sweet heart and i get really angry when he doesn't call or send a message. I also have feelings for him.
Bottom line, they all say they love me and I have feelings for all of them except Brad but I care enough not to hurt him.
I used to be this sweet and innocent girl before but now, I don't know myself anymore. Im just a total b***h.
I need help ASAP, please if you have any, leave a comment. I'll be so grateful.
Thanks for reading.

MizBarbie MizBarbie
18-21, F
Jan 17, 2013