My First Love

Reading has always been my first love. Since I was 4, I was already reading simple sentences, though I wasn't even at school at that age. I started to go to school when I turned 6, then my teachers told my parents that they have to advance me to the next grade level because I could already read some complex sentences.

And I also love writing, I learned how to write my whole name when I was 5, and I beginning to type short stories when I was 7. But my careless brothers just throw them because they say it's trash. Only my father supported me with my writing skills, until he died when I was 13.

That's when my mother started to support me in my writing skills also. Every time I write a story, I would show it to her, she would read it aloud in front of me, and sometimes correct my misspelled words and grammar errors.

My cousin, who's also a fan of reading, gives her books to me after she's done reading them. Then there was a time when I had to give some away because they were just for preschool kids, and two trash bags were filled with books to donate! All of which I have finished reading.

Writing and reading are two of my first loves, I don't know which comes first, but they're both my first love.

Now, I'm still writing and reading. I read novels preferably by Carolyn Keene and Nicolas Sparks. I have a wattpad account, where I am currently writing 3 stories, one of which is completed.

Reading is my door to my wonderland, it is not just sewn up sheets of paper with letters and pictures. And writing is just the same. I write to amuse and inspire, because writing is my passion, not my obligation.
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Jan 18, 2013