Reality Always Sets In...

A lot of my friends all don't get why i even read. A guy my age should go out and have fun, per say. 'Staying cooped up at home ain't exactly goin' ta help you, mate.' They just don't get it. My books are a conduit for me to escape from my life and be absorbed into the life of those in the books. I'm not a hopeless romantic but hey, once in awhile, i do get tired of my life and think that others' are better.

Yet, the trance or illusion of pouring myself to my books and the lives of those in them may seem weak, fragile, and so easily breakable a fantasy. Reality always sets in, ain't it a *****? Let tell you something though. When i'm reading, and the sun comes up, i think that reality sets in and nothing changes, just me there with my book and my imagination running wild. Do you get it? THIS is reality, here, right there and then. That's what i say.
Forsaken101 Forsaken101
13-15, M
Jan 19, 2013