Reading Broadens My Horizons!

The horizons of space, time, imagination - by losing myself in the world of books, whether fiction or non-fiction, classic or modern, tales of past, present or future, I find that the places I can travel to, the people I can meet and the lives I am allowed to live take on infinite possiblity.

I have a very wide range of reading tastes from sci-fi and fantasy to accurate historical tales (my current favourite), slice of life stories, action and adventure, mystery, the whole shebang (with the exception of romance novels - they're just not my bag, baby). I read because each and every book broadens my knowledge, my perspective and my view of the world. Nothing is more important to your growth and enriching to your life than being able to view all of the intricacies of the world, both real and imaginary, from all angles!

Right now I am caught up in the world of Bernard Cornwell's historical and heroic tales of early European history, and I just enjoyed the more modern pursuit of gemstones in 'The Love of Stones' by Tobias Hill. Next on my list is a re-read of William Gibson's anthology 'Burning Chrome' because his coldly poetic, abstract, high speed prose thrills me and makes my imagination bounce off the walls and that's always good.

Currently I am looking for any recommendations for a truly great read - so if you fellow book lovers have any suggestions, leave a comment or note me!
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1 Response Dec 28, 2006

eclair - glad to hear you enjoyed something of mine (The Love of Stones). Here are some books I didn't write, but wish I had just as much as I wish I could read them again for the first time: * Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (Susannah Clarke). * Ingenious Pain (Andrew Miller). * Never Let me Go (Ishiguro). - Plenty of historical revelation there, some wonderful writing, and a taste of the future too. All the best, TH.