Thank God It's Not A Textbook!

I used to read the great classics, gritty biographies, 60's beatniks and anything by Tom Wolfe. Then I started university and it all switched to Grey's Anatomy, biomechanics, and Tidy's. I lost the time to read for pleasure for around 2 years. I forgot what it was like to dive in and lose myself in the beat and rhythm of the words, the story, the poetry.

Since Christmas, circumstances have changed and I have more time for myself and at long last I can pick up a book, or Kindle and just reeeeeaaaaaad. Hallelujah! At the moment I'm pretty much devouring the Bill Willingham Fables series and Hellraiser original story arc. I've just finished MAUS, Art Speigelman, and have Chew on standby ready and waiting.

It's all good :-)
TrikkiNikki TrikkiNikki
31-35, F
Jan 21, 2013