So here is the deal.I currently realized that I am obsessed with EP because it satisfies my need to read. I jump from story to story, confession to confession,anything that looks remotely interesting. However I believe I am doing myself a disservice because I rarely comment on any of the things I read here. Not saying my opinions or thoughts are all gold and must be heard by all, just that without comments or stories no one gets to know who you are.I want to be known.
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I feel the same.

I don't comment on very many of the stores I read, either. Frankly, while most are good stories, there are many that are so poorly written the author wouldn't want to see my comment, anyway! ;-)

Haha I understand exactly what you mean. I am not the best writer myself, especially when it comes to punctuation. I easily speak in run on sentences so I usually don't catch myself writing them. Oh well =)

I don't hink it matter how well you write ....people like to see what other think

Agreed! I can deal with someone who has something to say and tries to express themselves. But, there are several things that are annoying, like trying to read a story with no sentence structure; i.e., no capitalization and no periods. I also see some postings that appear to have been a "copy and paste" from somewhere else and have all kinds of garbage characters that the author was too lazy to clean up. I could go on and on..........

Yes I do agree with you. Personally I won't continue to read if it's copy paste garbage. Some people just need to do the world a favor and just stop that action all together. We don't need the same nonsense everywhere

Well said!

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That's fair enough. I don't always feel like making a comment.

Yep - me too, can't wait to get up, switch on my phone - and first address I type : www.experienceproject.com. Been hear bout 4 months now- and I aint going anywhere else for a while.
Thanks for posting - and come have a read if some of my posts sometime.