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  • The world is ancient, but it has not lost its newness.

  • Do not destroy anybody’s peace. You will find peace.

  • When the child is ill, the mother will know how to pray.

  • Investigation after declaration of submission leads astray.

  • Death is the protector of life and life is the process of death.

  • He who has no light in his heart, what will he gain from the festival of lamps.(beautiful)

  • Man neither loses nor gains in this world. He just comes here and departs.

  • When Allah accepts repentance for sin, He wipes out the very memory of sin.

sunshines333 sunshines333 18-21, F 3 Responses Jan 29, 2013

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An enjoyable read, a lovely perspective

thank u for comment!blessings.sunshines!

Thank you, you too!

We comes here alone and leaves as alone..we have a little time that can be used to make the world more beautiful and friendly.

and we have little time to use this world to enter into even more beautiful and friendly world which we cant imagine!

thank u for comment!sunshines!

i like your fifth line, it reminds me of a quote from a buddhist monk “All I have learned in the twenty years that I have been a monk I can sum up in one sentence: All that arises passes away. This I know."

great!thank you for it!blessings!susnhines...

thanks for your story :)