Thank You My Guardian Angel!

Believe it or not but everyone has a Guardian Angel!
I started feeling my grandmother's presence after she died. She came to me in my dreams. We talked a lot, she showed me my future daughter. I did not even have a boyfriend at that time but I dreamed about a little blue-eyed girl. "This is your daughter", I heard my grandmother's voice. Few years later I had a baby-girl. She was blue-eyed just like my grandmother (my husband and I have brown eyes).
Once in my dream she asked me not to go on a trip with my friends. I obeyed. They got an accident and some of them were killed in a car crash. I feel her all the time and my daughter feels a presence of my late father. He is her angel. When bad things happen she asks him for help. I am always happy when they come to see us and never scared.
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1 Response Jan 31, 2013

Those who have been very special in our lives and have been exceptionally close to us. Seem to able to communicate in another sense. This does show up in our dreams, thought and behaviour. It helps us a great deal for sure.