Hunger Games?

So I read the first book after I bought my younger sister the box set. I didn't think it was that bad or anything, just havn't continued on with the others yet. So I am here upon all 65,535 members (at the time of posting) to try and see who else has read the series and if I should push through and read the rest of them. The only problem I am having is it is a completly different type of style then what I would normally read. At the same time if there is a good plot and characters supporting the story it is worth it in my eyes. So Should I forge ahead and start Catching Fire (which has sat on my nightstand for months as my sister continues to urge me to read it) or just pass it up?
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Well I might be just a bit biased since I've read all three books and seen both of the movies out but I'd say that reading it is worth it. In the second one it focuses on the romance more in the beginning but once it gets to the goods the romance almost disappears completely and makes room for more of the action and suspense building. I realize I'm replying to a post from a year ago but just in case you haven't read it yet you should go ahead and do so. Also the arena in this book is just completely insane.

Well I am in the same boat except the last book now. I finished two a little after this post and have yet to touch three. The arena was sweet, but seemed like a short part of the book. I did like the new characters they added in though.

Yeah I did like the characters they added in the second one. I have to say that although the first two books are good the third one is the absolute best. Plenty of action, tiny bits of romance smudged in here and there plus there are some absolutely heart wrenching moments in there. I would continue in with praising the book but if I did there would be a lot of spoilers.

Well I did hear mention of robots in it

Robots? Hm I don't think there are any robots in there hahaha. More mutts yes but I don't think there are robots. At least as far as I can remember. I need to read those books again.

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