Illuminati are a group of people who worship the devil and sell there soul to him most members are really famous singers like Rihanna or niki minaj I know you wouldnt believe me about this stuff cuz I felt the sane way when I found out
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Guys calm down let's dint talk about illuminati

Other the obvious flaw of the Illuminati dying out hundreds of years ago, what makes you think that famous singers are part of it? I mean, I get the whole world leaders thing, that's just average conspiracy BS, but what's with the singers? Also, if the Illuminati were evil, satanic cultists who wanted the world to crumble, do you really think they'd leave signs at all? That would just be bad strategy.

Anyway why do they have signs

That's a good question. If they were still around, they would be but a fraction of their former selves, sort of like the KKK or Neo-Nazis. And if they were more powerful and secretive, they wouldn't leave signs everywhere for people to be like "OMG LET'S FREAK OUT ABOUT IT". That'd be like a CIA agent streaking through the streets of Baghdad, yelling "I'm totally secret and stuff, you guise!"



-I'm- blind? You're delusional. An organisation as powerful as this new Illuminati that everyone seems the freak about would not be stupid or careless enough to leave signs everywhere. And as far as Satan goes, I know Rhianna and them's music is crap, but it's not -Satanic- ;P

Example: remember that whole "they're gonna blow up the Olympics" scare? IT NEVER HAPPENED.

To* freak about.

I am agnostic. And I'm certainly not defensive. You're arrogant to think you know about some huge secretive organisation, like you could even possibly do anything about it even if your point of view made any sense. And for your information, I've read up about this crackpot theory on plenty of different sources and the conclusion I've come to is the most obvious and logical of them: it's stupid. It's hard to even fathom how someone could believe such drivel.

well said rose.

I too have read up on the illuminati and so called "modern members".

It is all a massive load of bull. There are some Illuminati still around, however they are only there because they are descendants of members. it is still there, but a tiny fraction of the groups former self, and in no way powerful enough to cause any kind of scare at all, let alone convert all famous singers.

Yes! Not to mention the original Illuminati wasn't evil or anything. Illuminati means, like, "The Enlightened" or something. They were an underground group of scholars who valued reason over religion during a time when religion reigned. I don't know how people have morphed it into something like this.

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