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Sue Grafton'S

I'm opt to collecting Sue Grafton's Alphabet Series . Her novels are good (Mystery/Fiction/Thriller) . It's a Kinsey Millhone Mystery <-- the character. Investigations of murder , crime , stuffs like these . They're great . Absolutely great . I guess I lack like , more or less 10 novels to go to complete the A-Z . I am still hoping I could , and by the way , I am starting to get interested with James Patterson's novels , I have tried reading one and it was good too .
DorkDark DorkDark 18-21, F 2 Responses Feb 14, 2013

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I have read almost all the book by Sue Grafton. The first books in the serie were the best, later on I think they got a little boring. But keep on reading and make up your own opinion :)

Awesome ! yea sometimes I think of like , the stories are getting to bore me already then i'll stop in a bit but then go I back on reading because I couldn't stop myself from wondering what happens to the story if it's the same with the other or if it's with a twist . :D

I don't know in which country you live. There is a Norwegian writer Jo Nesboe, who has written excellent crime stories. I will recommend the books, you may find them in the publice library.

Thanks sir , I'll try to remember that . I'm in somewhere at southeast asia :D

I love Sue's and James's writting also

Cooool . Have you completed the A-Z series ?
Nah , with James's, I've only read "Four Blind Mice" but it was good :)

Have only read a few of them but am continuing the series
Have read several of Patterson's also.
Have you tried any of Dan Browns?

That's great . Yea I'm also looking forward to continue reading those . I've seen more of Patterson's at the store but haven't saved any yet to buy some . I've noticed Dan Brown but I haven't read any yet , is it good too ?

I think Dan is a fantastic writer. Angels and Demons is one of my favorites

It is great to see someone your age enjoy reading

Ohh ! that was why Dan Brown sounded familiar , so he's the one who wrote that . Geee , thanks to ya . Hahaha funny I didn't know or I wasn't able to remember . Haven't read that one yet but I would surely love to .

Thank you sir :)) With Sue's , it all started when I read D is for Deadbeat , from then I thought of reading more of her novels which turned out to be an alphabet series .

Have you read the Harry Potter series?
I have read all of them and discussed them with my daughter. Saw the movies with her also

No , Im sorry I didnt and haven't watched the movie too . Those were J.K Rowling's right ? Some say those were even better when you get to read and watch Harry Potter . That's so cool , my father doesn't read stuffs like these :[

If you get a chance you should read the series. It was kind of a father/daughter bonding for us. We still will read a book then give it to the other to read.
We are now sharing the books by Ayn Rand

That's totally cool , at home I'm the only one reading these stuffs . Yea , I should check it out at the library or save to buy some . Ayn Rand ? What's his/her writings about ?

Kind of political novels. She was born in the old Soviet Union and immigrated to the US. Too bad you are the only one there that enjoys reading. Never stop enjoying it

Interesting . Yep but yes sir , I ain't gonna stop the enjoyment of reading :)
It takes us everywhere , to the kind of situation we want to be in or the people we somehow want to be :D
[Sometimes I even find myself from the characters Hahaha]

That is so true

Yeap , definitely :)

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