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I'm opt to collecting Sue Grafton's Alphabet Series . Her novels are good (Mystery/Fiction/Thriller) . It's a Kinsey Millhone Mystery <-- the character. Investigations of murder , crime , stuffs like these . They're great . Absolutely great . I guess I lack like , more or less 10 novels to go to complete the A-Z . I am still hoping I could , and by the way , I am starting to get interested with James Patterson's novels , I have tried reading one and it was good too .
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I have read almost all the book by Sue Grafton. The first books in the serie were the best, later on I think they got a little boring. But keep on reading and make up your own opinion :)

Awesome ! yea sometimes I think of like , the stories are getting to bore me already then i'll stop in a bit but then go I back on reading because I couldn't stop myself from wondering what happens to the story if it's the same with the other or if it's with a twist . :D

I don't know in which country you live. There is a Norwegian writer Jo Nesboe, who has written excellent crime stories. I will recommend the books, you may find them in the publice library.

Thanks sir , I'll try to remember that . I'm in somewhere at southeast asia :D