Enjoyment &Amp; Learning!!

I love to read! I have a since I was a child. It was a way for me too loose myself in in the world I lived in. I enjoyed reading & learning about people, places & things; taking me to other times & place & worlds. I then loved the suspence, mysteries & romance that books would hold. I still do. I stopped reading for a number of years because I let my ex rule what I did. I now know what I have missed. But I'm back at it again & this time I will stay & enjoy it all the time!!
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Sounds wonderful & glad U enjot them anywhere!!

This past summer, a nearby town had a library book sale. I read about in the newspaper. My teen daughter and I found 26 books for $5. I marked half of them with a sticky note, "Have Not Read" and gave them to my mom, to share. Then we swapped back and forth until we had them read. Once we were done all 26, we passed them on to other friends.

Just this weekend I went to the library and stepped inside the door, and I knew I was going to be there longer then I expected. 2 cats and a big bin of books for sale. 5 for $1.
I found 15 books. High light of my weekend.
I have 2 books from the library out right now. I've started them both and switch back and forth as the mood for the stories hit me. ("eat, pray, love" and "Savage Lands" by Clare Clark). I have a book on the treadmill. I put the best books on the treadmill and will not allow myself to take it off the treadmill. I have a hard time not bringing the book upstairs to read it as I want to know what is going to happen so bad, but that's why I keep my best found books on the treadmill.
Of course there is one in the bathroom and then one beside my bed.
Happy reading