I like to read most fictional stories. I have read Harry Potter Bk. 1 to Bk. 6, Chronicles of Narnia Bk.1 to Bk.7, Subterranean, Twilight, New moon, etc. Reading these kind of books make me feel I'm in a different world, a world with no problems, deppression, or any other real life downfalls. Reading is one of my escapes. Not that I'm a coward, it's just one of the activities I feel very happy and excited doing. No effort.

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6 Responses Aug 29, 2008

yes, new moon was sad and i can relate to it. but i don't feel my depression while i was reading it and i was happy to imagine even fictional characters feel depression. it kind of made me happy a little for myself.

I feel exactly the same and I love the twilight saga.

i also love to read i into readin crime books at minute especialy martina cole it helps me escape frm my problems and forget every thin 4 a while x x

I feel the same, I love to escape into the pages of a book. I love reading Tom Holt books as they're so funny. But mostly I read chick-lit, as I love the romance. My favourite being a book called "Did the Earth Move?"

Try reading books by David Gemmell, especially the Drenai and Rigante series. They're my latest and I simply loved them. Try them if you like the fantasy-fiction genre.

I do the same, but seriously? You read New Moon and felt no depression? I forgot how to love for about 300 pages...