From Silly Intention to the Joy of Reading

I wasn't always a lover of books.

When I was still in high school, we were required to join a club. My friends and I thought all clubs were not active and all they do in their club sessions is to sit around and have some discussions and requirements and that's it. We heard that there's this librarians' club where all you got to do is to hang out in the library. We thought it was a good idea because it's really cozy in our library and at least we would have a place to hang -out (we tried hanging out there before but those people who aren't there for reading or studying were sent out haha!) But our silly motive in joining the club changed when we discovered the joy of reading books (LOL). I was not really fond of reading books before that, but since then, i always looked forward into reading good books. I love reading good books and having discussions about it with my friends who also loved that book. It was a good thing that we joined that librarians' club, because whenever there were new popular book releases that everyone would go after, we were always the first to have a go on those books!

When I think about it now, it really makes me laugh...

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1 Response Jun 2, 2007

That sounds great. I wish my school had, had a kind of book club like that. It would have been fun and a club I actually would have been interested in.