Great Books

I wouldn't say I love to read but there are some books that I definitely recommend to anyone. 1984, Animal Farm, Clockwork Orange, A Child Called it, and Spawn which is the only comic I have read consistently lol.
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Lord of the flies!!<br />
i remember that! wow its been long<br />
i read because i was bored, and it was recommended <br />
yea i hated that, only because of the creepiness <br />
that derived from it :S<br />
really scared me how true it was. (like human nature)<br />
but overall i guess it wasn't that bad

Ill definetly watch the Clockwork Orange from beginning to end. If its anything like pulp fictiona I may enjoy it. Ty Manovertree!!!

Ya pulp fiction is great as well as most quentin tarantino movies. A Clockwork Orange can be a bit violent and vulgar and uses a different vernacular so it can be confusing at certain points but definitely worth seeing/reading. Any other movies/books that yall would recommend ?

Awesome Feral!!! Ill have to check out that info. Thanks for the info!!

I'd also highly recommend both A Clockwork Orange and Pulp Fiction. :) Clockwork Orange is one of my favorite movies and has a lot to do with the effect of violence on the human psyche. If you want to know more about them, I'm sure they have some info on IMDB.

Take care sweetie!!! Ill be lookin for ya!! lol

Yes I know!! But, somtimes I think I have a permanent brain malfunction! lmao

I see what youre saying sweetie!! Im an idiot sometimes, so just ignore me!!! lmao

What are you talking about hun??????? I may be having a brain malfunction!!! lmao

Watch it and tell me what you think sweetie!!! ;)

Well I can understand why they would do that! Just get that movie and see how ya feel about it!

Well Pulp fiction is an awesome movie!! I loved it. You can either love it or hate it! I wouldnt compare clockwork orange to pulp fiction!! There is no comparison in my eyes. I def. think you should check that movie out (Pulp fiction)!

I think you spelled that right.....I dont know either! But, anyways.....I saw bits and pieces of the movie. I have never really caught on to what it was about or ever read the book. I just know that the bits and pieces that I saw were very strange. It was kinda like in the mind of a serial killer.....if you can understand that! Just weird images and this weird guy!

Great Tia Ill do that sweetie!!!

Anytime you want to share.....Ill lend an ear! I would enjoy that!

Oh I watched the movie on my was a very chilling movie!! Human nature really shows itself!! I just have a hard time conceiving these acts. My mind can work a mile a minute sometimes!! lol

Now....Lord of the Flies....that was a deep story!! It takes you to human survival and the horrors deep inside the human mind!

Ya Lord of the flies was a bit more gory than orwell's books but really made you think.

Oh tell me about it Tia.....his books make you think!!!

I read Animal Farm myself in High school! I did enjoy the book. George Orwell has a way with writing!!