Yog Darshan

I am a lover of books. While reading something, I feel like meditating. Recently I went through Patanjali Yog Shastra, which is one of six darshans of our heritage. Three of them I have already gone through. Since I am very much interested or u can say live in Yog (Not yoga) since my childhood, I was keen to go through the opinions of its founder. Really! While going through the Yog Shastra, I was overwhelmed, thinking that the land where such kind of highly intelligent works had been created once, is going to dogs and is in such a pitiable condition. Prior to its reading, I was aware that real Yog is an eight stepped process known as Ashtang Yog bt after going through it I learnt somthing more. Really a great work and my words cant describe the delight of going through it.
Galadabau Galadabau
31-35, M
May 11, 2013