Reading Is Like Breathing...

I just Love books!  reading is like breathing to me, its essential to sustaining life!  When I was a child books and libraries were my safe haven against the harsh realities of my life.

I could escape from everything with a book in hand. I would read anything I could get my hands on. money was scarce so I was a member of the town and school library with the maximum amount of books on my card.

I close my eyes and I smell the rich heavy smell of the wooden tables and chairs of the library where I waited after school every afternoon for the 6.15 pm bus home. Those were the days when libraries where quiet and reflective places... such peacefulness was soothing to me before I had to face the drama that awaited me at home.

I remember the big wooden bookcases and the librarians book counter. The chairs were too high and I would swing my legs beneath me as I read, the sound of the ticking clock for company. Most of all  I remember the smell of the place, wood and old books. Beautiful...

Books, libraries...warm comforting havens of safety and adventure. yes reading is definitely like breathing for me. I have to do it every day to survive, and I would die without it!

lollylegs lollylegs
41-45, F
Jun 9, 2007