Reading Opens the Door to New Worlds

I have read hundreds of books in my life time and have a library of hundreds of books constantly reading everything from fiction to non-fictional to educational books and some I am so inspired from that I ask permission from the authors to turn them into screen plays (of course the authors are paid handsomely by the movie people) But the funniest book I have yet ever read is "Nibs goes to London" as I laughed so hard I choked and everyone that has read it gave a simular experience. You can buy it over the net or from Barnes and Noble or even some small book stores anywhere in the English speaking world. And I can't wait for the movie version to come out. The best poetry book I ever read was "Falling Leaves" written more than a hundred years ago and the best non-fiction was "It never rains in Gold Gap" and "The River of the West." I love humor, true life adventures and some science fiction, but because of my work I mainly read these days to learn about other places, other people and to get inspired to write movie scripts. 
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Jun 10, 2007