I Am Bad

There is no way I can keep all the books  have read.  I give them away,perish the thought, and throw them away.                          Early on,like alot of baby-bomers boys, I readed world war 2 stories,comic books and Mad magzines.  Then the 60's happened.  counter-culture,black writings and life stories of mine heroes.      Reading has brought the world to me,and thus made it more  appealing.     The one drawback is I can't understand those who don't read. Their lack of depth often show in their conversations.     A shallowness in their thinking.   I often find myself bitting mine tongue from saiding something.  I guess I wheter read to much,then not at all.




wes445 wes445
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3 Responses Jun 14, 2007

Hey Wes, don't throw them away. There are online book swapping clubs where you can unload your books that you know you'll never read again & get new books to read also.

I agree with you to a point,ones experiences is important,but reading round out ones life. You will think outside your experiences, help you understand those who don't share your life events.

I see it differently. I don't know about those that don't read. I'm really one of them. I don't read that much, but I make up for it in life experiences. I know people that have never even left my little small town. They don't care that there is a world out there. Reading does add to the experience of life, but so does living it.