I Love The Smell Of Books!

There is nothing like the smell of books, both new and old. I swear every time I am reading a book, I hold my nose close to the pages and inhale. I find the smell comforting and reminds me of my happy reading days. I also like the feel of the paper. I always run my fingers over the pages, and revel in the feeling. I also pause when I walk into a bookstore, just to savor the aroma!
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E-books are ok but there is something nice about holding a real book and loosing yourself in the story

haha and to think i was the only one,i love everything you mentioned as well!! glad i'm not alone.

Agreed. Love the smell, feel, weight of a book in hand.

Yes. Books, the feel of the pages, the scent of them..couldn't have said it better.

I love it too ! And the thrill you experience when you buy a new book....... and that it's gonna be with you forever now.. I even autograph every book I buy. :D

When I buy books, the world gets better. :)

Ereaders will never replace that smell.

You would love the bookshops on Steep Hill, in the city of Lincoln (England). I love to go when I`m down that way. Newcastle Upon Tyne and other cities have fabulous bookshops...I`m addicted to them!

Send me one of the bookshops! Haha!

OK...where are you on the planet? I`ll get FedEx to bring it!

Seriously i know what it all means, but still, i can't stop laughing on the thought of putting all of u together in a library and see u all sniffing around stacks of books!
Jk jk, plz don't mind my rude language!

i just cant get enough!

I'm sorry, i didn't get u!

I love the smell of new books too. I've been trying to read on my tablet, but it just isn't the same.

i was a books lover, i like the smell of new books, if old one i didnt recommendation to smell them. Lol.

I absolutely love this post, everyone here is as weird as me hehe. I love how books smell too, even though lately I haven't been able to make a distinction in the smell since my room now smells more or less like books I think.

I do as well =)

I love it! It is like a drug, you can't stop smelling it! lol

Ah, yes, the smell of cookbooks..

Don't get too used to that smell. E-books via Kindle Nook and Apple books are taking an ever increasing share of the book market. It is a cost issue. It cost a lot of money to print paper books and you have to sell so many before you break even. That isn't the case with e-books. Newspapers and magazines are already making the move toward internet distribution and in just a few years paper publishing will go the way of vinyl records and to some degree CDs. You mind keep a few books around just to remember what the smell was like.

I am not against with e-book or kindle. I have nothing against new developments in technology. I have tried reading an e-book and it is pretty convenient, however I still like the actual books. Nothing can replace them. I did sell some of my books so it can be recycled and be useful again in any other forms/ways. And I like the thought of passing my old books to the next generationl

I think old paper books are great, I just can see the writing on the wall and what the shear economics of it will bring. Kind of like the self check out at Wall-Mart. I hate to see it. Those machines don't buy goods or services like cars and food and they don't pay social security and taxes.

Oh I agree with you on all that. I love books. A library smells soooooo good.

I want to have my own library. :3

Wouldn't that be cool. :-)

I have a book that I know you will like. :)