The Sleeping Prophet

I just read book about life of "Edgar Cayce" a psychic who diagnosed and prescribed cures which no one else could do while sleeping. He was also a psychic dream interpreter. A spiritualist and also had predicted future in his sleep. He is an incredible personality. After reading the chapter about dream interpretations i started taking my dreaming seriously and now i am part of this site.

Thank you Cayce.

God Bless You.
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3 Responses Jan 4, 2007

I'm not trying to pop anyone's bubble but I'm inclined to think you are all missing Mr. Cayce's message.....Everyone has this ability. Some are just more attuned to it than others. It's a bad choice of words to call it "Paranormal" or other coined phrases. Instead, "Instinct" is much better. Ever had a "Gut Feeling"? How about experiencing "Deja-Vu"? If so, you were right on the threshold of stepping through to the knowledge that Mr. Cayce could tap at will through his trance like states. The knowledge he shared wasn't the important part but the fact that everyone has the ability to access this knowledge is the most overlooked and potentialy important piece of knowledge that I know of.

I am reading his book about the Life of Jesus. Seems darwin got it right when he said we evolved from apes. I have 4 other of his books waiting to be read as well. I am going to do some research about a notable person born in 1962 which is supposed to be the next incarnation of the messiah. Just like in revelations. It is scary to think that we are really in the end times.

Read 3 books on him myself. He had many more " talents/abilities/gifts" than specified here. The A.R.E. group he founded in Virginia Beach has a website that gives updated material on his research studies. Anyone can join that is interested.