Reading Is a Habit

i love books! at times i would read so much my parents would ground me from my books- funny cause usually kids get grounded from electronics. not me (well at the time ... lolz), i actually like going shopping for books more than i like to travel! i think it may be because reading a new book is like going to a new place i've never been before- but its better because the kind of book you read can even fit your state of being or mood. reading and writing are my majors, it inspired me to become an author myself!

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reading a variety of books improves your doubt. im 58 and love books and life

That's awesome about you pursuing writing like that. What genre will you focus on?

Young Adult fiction... and possibly go on from there

Oh nice. Do you have a particular theme in mind or will you just write a story based on real life?

I have a few different ideas but executing them is a little bit of a challenge...

Tell me about it. I've been working on an action/fantasy novel for ages now but just recently got serious about writing it.

You're more than welcome to run some ideas by me if you want.

Aww thanks :)
Its difficult to come up with an original idea... plus I keep rewriting everything haha

Oh yeah, I keep re-writing my stuff too. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as "original" so just be yourself. That's what a real life TV writer told me.

That's the best thing I guess :)

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lol, I could never really be a reader, but good for you. The only way to get me to read a book is that the book has to get me stuck to it on the first page, but I guess that's easy for you!