How I Got Started

At first, I had a really hard time reading. I was even put into a special reading class. I don't know if it was because I was dyslexic, and they never told me, or if it was because I was just plain slow.
    In 5th or 6th grade, I finally found some books I was interested in. They were part of a series Patricia C. Wrede wrote. I think it was called Enchanted Realms or something...I'm not quite sure, been a long time. Anyhow, they were about a girl, and some dragons. I really enjoyed reading them, and thats kind of how I got started.
    In 7th and 8th grade I started reading animorphs. I got really into those, and then my English teacher in 7th grade told me that I couldn't read them because I had to be at a 7th grade reading level. They were at 4th or 5th grade reading level. That kind of upset me because I enjoyed reading them. So then I tried reading Dragonlance, but I really didn't understand them. So for a long time I just read whatever sounded interesting. That happened to be a few Bruce Coville novels that I found in the schools library.
    In 9th grade I started reading The eye of the world, which as a lot of you probably know is by Robert Jordan. I got really into that, but I skipped some pages because they were just boring for me. I have a little bit of an attention deficit disorder I think. Either way, I didn't read the entire one, but enjoyed it just the same. Later that year I picked up books 2-4 and I got into reading those. Well...I got bored by book 4, and didn't end up reading it at all, and sold them a few years ago. During 9th grade I also read the Final Friends Trilogy by Christopher Pike, and I really enjoyed those. But I ended up later selling those too, because I couldn't see myself reading them again.
    Then 10th grade, I didn't read much of anything at all...In 11th grade I had an English class with someone who later became a good friend of mine. I saw him reading the Dark Elf Trilogy by R.A. Salvatore. Well I'd heard about the Trilogy from someone I use to talk to online, and they made it sound very enticing. So I asked if I could borrow it, and he said sure. So I ended up borrowing it, and read it rather quickly. After that, it got me started. So he let me borrow the Icewind Dale Trilogy, which I also really enjoyed. [I now own the Dark Elf Trilogy and am rereading it currently. I will eventually also own the Icewind Dale Trilogy.] Well, I didn't get to finish reading Legacy of the Drow, but I hope to do that someday.
    In 12th grade, I started rereading The Dark Elf Trilogy, but I never finished it. That same friend got me into reading Harry Potter, which I said I would never do. Well I did end up reading them, and enjoyed them very much, and I own books 1-6. However I don't think I will read book 7 as I didn't like how 6 ended.
    I didn't read books for a few years, and then this year I got into reading again. Well I finished reading the Cleric Quintet by R.A. Salvatore, which I own all books too, and enjoyed it very much. I hope to eventually reread it. Well, I read the last 3 books of that series at the beginning of the year. I found an ebook for the Zombie Survival guide, which I also completed. In my brothers room I found a book called Wizard's First Rule. So I ended up reading that, but am still finishing as we speak. I hope to continue the series, even though it's 11 books long, or at least it will be when the latest book comes out in November. This year, I've almost read more books than I'd ever read in a year. I've almost completed the longest book I've ever read, that being Wizard's First Rule, and am proud to say I will be reading a lot more frequently now.
    So in conclusion, I absolutely love reading. I will read more frequently now that I've gotten back into it. I forgot how happy it made me, but then I was reunited with the love for it. I have a long list of books I hope to read!
LylaRocks LylaRocks
26-30, F
Jun 20, 2007