Reading Allows Me to Lose All Sense of Reality

I love reading! I must admit that I prefer love stories...but not the overwhelmingly sappy ones. I have always been interested in how the character finds their true love. It sounds cheesy, I know. I guess I just like to wonder about how I will stumble across that special someone...if I ever do.
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5 Responses Jun 29, 2007

You guys that do read romantic you not think maybe you're setting yourselves up for disappointment, in that real life isn't like that?

I'm a fan of the love stories as well. Reading about someone eles's happy ending gives me hope that just maybe i'll get mine too. Tho i seemed to have developed a strong attraction to handsome, rugged cowboys after reading a few (ok many) of these lol

It's indulging in escapism. What's so wrong with that?

Well, feeling sad when you read them is probably a better reflection of your character than the effect they have on me (boredom, amusement, or annoyance). I'm not what you'd call romantic, obviously:)

Some of the most intelligent people I know read cheesy love stories. I have never seen the appeal, but clearly they are popular.