My Boyfriend Hates It When I Read

I've always loved to read but my boyfriend has never read for fun. He half jokingly said recently that now that he's graduated from college he's going to become illiterate. I on the other hand need to read every night before going to sleep. Actually though he just got his first book for fun and has read for the last two nights. I'm hoping my habit will have a positive effect on him. He hates it when I read because he says I'm ignoring him but I figure if I can get hin to read too then he won't care. He just got the Motorcycle Diaries which I'm planning on reading when he's done. I usually like to read non-fiction because I figure that there's so much to know about the world that reading fiction is a waste of time. Also, I feel more of a personal connection knowing that something has actually happened rather than just being someone's invention. As a kid I always hated getting to the end of the book because I wanted to know what happened next. Did they live happily ever after or not? With non-fiction I know the story doesn't end at the end of the book and often I can find out what happened next. Right now though I have been reading a lot of fiction because that's what my mom reads and I can't afford to buy my own books right now since I'm in grad school so I'm just living with what I can borrow from her.
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If he mentions becoming illiterate again, tell him you hate to see him waste his education. Make a joke of it.


Reading is one of the best ways to keep on learning.