Lost In Space

I have a book going all the time and don't mind reading the same one multiple times.  Luckily, I have been able to afford to support my habit of buying books.  I know I could use the library, and I have a library card, but I'm one of the worlds worst about turning things in when they're due.

I read all kinds of books but tend to shy away from autobiographies.  Don't know why, other than they just don't grab me.

I enjoy the anticipation of reaching the end of a story, therefore, I don't get people who read the last chapter first.  To me, that's like opening your presents before Christmas.

My niece & nephews, and my children when they were young, can always count on me to give them books as gifts.  What greater gift than to expand young minds and hope a seed is planted?

I have no shame at being lost in space for lengthy periods of time while I devour another good story.


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