Books, Open My Eyes to World

As what I will say, reading book make me realized there is lot to be study and acknowledge in this world. It not enough just to look at something. Book also give me a little perspective on what other people*(writer)may think in their views in any problems that facing us in real life. I also make books my best friends. Except that it only one way communication. But actually reading book make me improve my vocabulary, while also give me what other culture and experience is about. While knowing that it not enough just to read and not experience it myself, when I reading, I always convince to myself that it better just to read about it than never discovering it. Book have been my accompany since I'm a kids. I love any genre of reading material, from fiction to non-fiction, true life story, journal and  news. It keep me right on track in life. But the best part about reading is, especially when reading fictional story, I like to imagine myself as the hero/main character in the story, and feel the atmosphere evolve around me. When it happen, to me, it priceless. That how book have OPENED my EYES so far.

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This is what is really great about reading. If you can really open your mind and take it in, it can be a truly enlightening experience. I hope you continue to read and let it shape your outlook on life.

Yes. I so agree with what you've said. A well written book opens up so many well as your mind. Not only for vocabulary but for the sharing of human experience (even fictional) & I found too that I'll look then for another book to find out more about a subject, & then another book to read a similar genre story....& so on it goes


I also imagine myself as the main character. Sometimes when I'm in the process of reading a book and put it down to go about my day, I feel as though I am still partially in the world that book has created in my mind. And I don't mind!

yeah..,.,me too, i just hope that you will never close your eyes all the time.

I also am an avid reader. I remember being in grade 3 and reading Edgar Rice Burroughs "Tarzan" which one is dimmed by the mists of time. <br />

I too love to read. i am reading foller's world w/o end, if the titles off sorry I am tired but I very much enjoy the book. Finished a A reliable wife, good grabs your interest read olive kitteridge i did not like it as well as I thought I would based on reviews. It was worth reading author did a good job of showing a person different than the way others view her but didn't have the pizzaz as a reliable wife.

It great about the book that give you all the experienced, as you have say, it priceless

Continue reading, you are on the right path.

may you always been inspired by book.....

Books are the window to the future, we can't walk through them but we can look and learn, from a far.