Power, Faith & Fantasy

If you would like to know more of the history behind the middle east, in particular, America's involvement there, I would strongly suggest Power, Faith & Fantasy by Michael B. Oren.

I know I was relatively clueless about our history with the middle east, and this book read like a novel, not a textbook. It reveals decisions are country made in relation to the middle east over the last 2 centuries. Yes, some times those decisions were strongly, if not solely, influenced by financial reasons and many times they were influenced by religious reasons, but they were also often influenced by humanitarian reasons. It was a revealing book.

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4 Responses Jul 20, 2007

One of the truest statements ever commited to writing.

One of many truly brilliant things they did. I think that wall needs mending. Remember Frost? "Good fences make good neighbors."

Our founding fathers sought to keep church and State seperate for a good reason! Smart men.

When asked what it was like to deal with the Russians, Churchill replied famously, "Russia is an enigma wrapped in a mystery." For many of us, this also describes the Middle East. There are so many la<x>yers of complexity that even those who really try have trouble sorting them out - and many people don't even try. This lack of understanding, however, does not prevent them from having passionate opinions on the subject and all too often these opinions find their root in religious faith, an area that does not foster level headed discussion.