Banned From Reading

I am a working mother, but I love to read.

When I start a book I don't put it down till it's finished. I don't eat or sleep! I read about 200 to 300 pages a day. After I got married I could only read 3 to 4 books per month, and after my baby was born it reduced to 2! I still read books when everyone is sleep, but I stay awake all night and go to work with puffy eyes and dreamy head, I think about my book all day (instead of implementing algorithms, writing new papers and debugging software and hardware).

Then I have to cook and clean and wash dishes and iron clothes, just counting the seconds to be able to start my book again, and wishing I wouldn't fall asleep! After 2 or 3 days like this I am unendurable and depressed.

Any better ideas?


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I do the same thing. I've stayed up from dusk to dawn reading and not even noticed. I've finally had to learn how to read while I'm walking to school, and set a timer when I'm reading anything not related to my classes. Audio books are also a big help.

I too find it hard to stop reading books. I like to read the whole book in one go. And I will say to myself "Right you can just read for one hour" then at the one hour mark I think "Well maybe just one more hour." When I was a single Mum I read heaps, as soon as the kids went to bed and on their weekend with their Dad I would normally read all weekend. I have since gotten remarried and I miss how much I used to read.

Oh I thought I was the only one...haha. It is an addiction..but one I'm not willing to part with :D. I remember on New Year's day, I had to be physically dragged out for some "fun" as THEY put it, because I had just found my old copy of "The Giver" from 8th grade and decided to forgo everything in favor of reading it. I'd say we should totally hang out some time, but I can imagine one of us coming up with some excuse to not go out and stay at home reading instead...haha

@ Penguins won: I have the book, it's a great one, I have not red it yet,<br />
<br />
Thank you very much for the suggestion

not sure I mentioned it, but I really recommend a novel called White Tiger.... <br />
Can't recall the author's name.

What about audio books? Do you like those?

I am excited to her there are people out there like this. As an aspiring author I say KEEP READING!! Also wow how many book have you read in your lifetime? Do you read a range of things or only one kind of genre?

@ wild chld 97: Your husband is a very understanding man,

When I get into a book, I'm much like you...I refuse to put it down and sometimes things just don't get done that need to be done. So, I set goals or time limits. I wait until I get to the next chapter and I tell myself that I'm not allowed to even begin the next chapter until the dishes are washed...the next load is washed/dried..etc. Or, I'll tell myself that I can't read anymore for the next hour and I have to get as much done in that hour that I can. It's crazy..but it works for me. It keeps me from feeling guilty for doing an activity that I thoroughly enjoy when I can say "at least the housework is done". lol.<br />
<br />
Also, when I'm not working and I want to have some uninterupted time to read or finish a book, I schedule it with my husband. I'll let him know that I am going into a quiet place to read in or around the house and I don't want any interruptions unless someone is bleeding. He runs interference (answering the phone, shooing away uninvited guests, and taking care of everything else, and I get a few hours of guilt free reading and he gets a very happy wife. lol

@ 12PM: Thank you for the great suggestion, I will never let anything alienate me from my kid,<br />
<br />
And I think all men are like that, they consider themselves perfect!

@ Jerry: e-books are no substitute for books, but I have no choice,<br />
<br />
And using an e-book reader really helps, try sony PRS or kindel

I don't like e-books.I prefer atmosphere of real library.I have some e-books and audio- books - in English - in order to practice English.I have personal attitude - to some real books. <br />
What's more - reading e-books destroy my eyes more than real books.

@ soft kitti: It looks like audio books are the only way to read for busy people, thanks for the great suggestion<br />
<br />
@ Sylph: I agree, books give such a glorious divine feeling

@ Mrmeauggie: great suggestion, I'll try that thanks

hmm I love reading .. and do it with the same fervor ...maybe books on audio ...*sighs* I know its really not the same but ......or reading during lunch at work and while you cook and do chores ?... I do this sometimes ..... sorry LV...thats all I can think of ....=-)

Yeah....... but I do get that glorious feeling when I see them physically... when I 'm surrounded by them... the same kind of feeling when in libraries, or in bookstores.......... that splendid, almost divine feeling....... ack!........ Sylph is babbling..... LOL

@ Sylph: Only if they didn't take space!

I know...... especially old books...... pure bliss...... <br />
<br />
*Sylph grabs an old and new book and starts sniffing*

@ sylph: Yes, mostly e-books, but who can resist the smell of a new book.

Maybe, LV... I will give it a thought...... but do you still buy books?

@ Jerry: I am a compulsive book buyer as well, I had to give away a lot of my books<br />
<br />
@ Jeano: I do read cereal boxes and manuals and everything as well.<br />
<br />
I do that, thank you for the advice.<br />
<br />
I like thrillers as well, they are fun

@ Jerry : Switch to e-book, I have a sony reader and its great<br />
<br />
@ Sylph: it sure is better than a phone, try it, it's great

I love reading sooo much I read everthing and I do mean everything.From cerial boxs to manufactor directions I guess its an addiction but a healthy one.Keep a book in your purse u can read while waiting at the bank,grocery line,kids from school dentist ect.I do enjoy books on cd but ur right its not the same.reading yourself u choose the characters in your head.Its like going to a movie and saying i never would have picked that actor or perhaps they nailed it so perfectly u acually liked the movie better then the book very rare but it does happen.I love thrillers crazy about them the more gore the better.which it so oppisite of my personality.Funny huh?

I became a compulsive book buyer. Now I have 5 full bookcases. Every bookcase contain more than 200 books. I started to buy books printed in English lately.

Well that's better than a phone...bigger screen...just like kindle...<br />
<br />
Hmm...maybe I should get one, too........ooohhhh...but I love books. Do you still buy books? I can't imagine myself not getting that old book I see in an antique shop.......or a worn-out classic in a second hand bookshop.......or the latest bestseller from Chapters...

I have the next problem.I like to buy new books. Sometimes - I'm not sure if I have any book.<br />
Too many new books.

@ Sylph: I have no choice, I have switched to e-books since 2005. It was a bit hard at first, but now I am addicted.<br />
<br />
I have a sony reader

I have e-books, too...especially since I can't let go of my phone. But I rarely read them compared to physical books. There's just *something* in actually holding a book. Probably I'm just nostalgic...a bit of old school. ;)<br />
<br />
Hubbies just need to oppose what we like. It's their thing....their weird thing! ;)

@ sylph: My husband always says the same thing!<br />
<br />
I have switched to e-books so he can't nag anymore.

@ typhoon: Great philosophy, I'd rather give away books too, thanks for such a great comment<br />
<br />
@ Jerry: me too, I have so many must reads, I don't know what to do're doing just fine! Better than I cope.<br />
<br />
I have loads of books, too. Hubby always asks why I keep buying if I don't have time to read them. I'd say, "They're waiting for me until I retire". *leave my freakin' books alone* ;)

@ Typhoon: I couldn't say it better, my words exactly<br />
<br />
@ Empty lina: it is a passion, enjoy your books<br />
<br />
@ Mercy grace: That's what I do these days as well, I have to compromise<br />
<br />
@ When the walls fell: thank you for the sympathy, I really appreciate it

I have the same problem.What's more - I have hundreds of books at home.

I worked at re-cycling palce for a while and wormed my way onto the paper sorting belt where no end of books came along, small, large, hardback. paperback, all sorts and now and again plastic crates of brand new books were brought and tipped out on the floor to be swept into the machine that would crush and bale them into cubes. They must've been overruns or some such from a publisher as they were A1 condition, not 2nds. Being a book lover i considered it my duty to rescue and re-home as many books as i could. At the time all i had was a little 125cc motorbike and would be wobbling home with a box of books on the seat behind, another on the back rack and books crammed into my backpack, even inside my lunch box, i had to buy a bigger backpack in the end! I have a long front room and it got to the point where it was a series of walkways through piles of books from the door to the settee, stereo and telephone. After passing my driving test and getting a van i started doing carboots and because the books hadn't cost me anything i sold them at low prices and even had other sellers buy off me to sell on their stalls. My philophecy is i'd rather give a book away than throw it away.

I use to be the same way. But me on no sleep isn't pretty so ..... Since life has become more hectic I read so many chapters and then do what i have to do. Then read a few more chapters.

It's not an addiction jus time consuming lol. It's a passion ! i love to read am looking forward to upcoming works from my fav authors and i will enjoy every min :)

Soooo many books to read but so little time to read them in, it just dosen't seem fair.

@ faby baby: thank you for such great suggestions, I have an account courtesy of a dear friend, it is better that way, but still I prefer reading.<br />
<br />
I have started a book club on EP as well<br />
<br />
thank you again

I'm not sure if some one else put this yet, but get yourself an account and start listening to your books in the car , working out, while you make dinner , where ever you can, and graudually you can acclimate to listening to the book and doing something else at the same time! Don't be afraid to take time for you to do something that feeds your soul, its the most important thing there is! Or Join a book club, then it becomes a priority.

@ adam reith: my boss doesn't worry about me, harder I work more he expects, so that wouldn't work for me.<br />
<br />
As for reading just 10 minutes! that is how O am reading now, but it's so dissatisfying. I want to read for days!

My solution was to work so hard that my boss begged me to take time off every 20 minutes (he was afraid I'd blow a fuse, I was rather over-achieving in IT). Then I would go sit where I could see the river and read for 10 minutes, come back, and once again do all the work of the 6 man team for 20 minutes. But I found that the short bursts of reading made me take in much more of the book than I would otherwise, and I enjoyed it better as a result.

@ Albnative: I just discovered audio books, I completely agree with you, when you don't have time to read, audio is the best substitute.

Now, reading is my first love, but I have a very busy schedule. So I do audiobooks on my iPod. I listen when I exercise, clean house. I get my fix, and it's not the same--nothing replaces the written word. But in a pinch, it does the trick. And, I usually have an actual book going at the same time, so I still squeeze in real reading!

@ Jacobite: Sounds amazing, I have to look for these

any joy with J R Ward books LV? I am now onto in the Black Dagger Brotherhood saga

Wow! that's great, I suggest e-books, they take less place and are a bit cheaper, and there are many legal free ones, classics, on the net.

@ Bella: I tried them, they are not as good as reading, but they are better than not reading!

Ooooo! Audio books! Good idea... not the same, but possibly a good compromise. Thanks!

@ Analief: thank you<br />
<br />
@Spaklilly: thank you for your kind words, I agree, it is healthy but I miss it a lot

So I'm not the only one! I really enjoy reading, but it's hard to find the time. Even when I have scheduled X time to read, something outside of my control seems to happen lol. Some other days, when I have spare time, I'm already too tired (that sucks!)<br />
<br />
I guess it comes down to a daily thing of finding those spare minutes. Some days I can find a couple hours (usually on weekends), while some others it's just a few minutes, or maybe none.<br />
<br />
I don't think it's an addiction though (since it's not badly affecting other areas of my life, on the contrary, it's improving them!). I like to think of it as a very healthy habit :)

Thanks for the suggestion, I am considering them I will get one today

@ GBS1; I have reduced it, thanks

It can't replace reading, but I will try it. thanks for the comment

Gothere, you are amazing. I have no problem with that, others do!<br />
<br />
I don't mind missing a day or to from work! or not taking care of my family a day or two, but my boss and my husband have a problem with that!

Sounds like a plan to me where is the problem in this??? I can thinl of alot of worse things...

I love it... I've called in sick to work so I could keep reading my book. When I was little and wouldn't clean my room, my mother had to take away whatever book I was currently reading for me to get anything done.

I love it... I've called in sick to work so I could keep reading my book. When I was little and wouldn't clean my room, my mother had to take away whatever book I was currently reading for me to get anything done.

I value my books alot, to me they are worth more than gold because they are an escape into a place of mystery. Is it not fun to be an

it is a addiction but a fun one!!

Terrible addiction, isn't it? Tried setting limits, only from Time A to B, only N chapters per night -- but there's just one more page, and is it dawn already?<br />
<br />
Not willing to go cold turkey, though, even if I could.